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Led by a team of accomplished scientists, Radiance exists to discover biomarkers to strengthen the reliability of noninvasive viable-embryo identification – all to raise pregnancy success rates, minimize stress, and reduce assisted-reproductive treatment costs for families and physicians. This insight from the American Physical Society reinforces the reason we’ve chosen this work:

“In women under 35, there is only a 21.5 percent chance that a single round of in vitro fertilization will result in a full-term live birth. With each round of IVF costing $10,000-$15,000, improving the odds of IVF success is essential to preserving the financial and emotional well-being of many couples with fertility problems.”

Radiance is here to improve the odds. Our team, drawn from the disciplines of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and lab medicine, has spent over a decade developing and testing immunological and molecular assays to strengthen infertility diagnosis and viable embryo selection — in vitro fertilization’s most critical step.